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SenseMail Secure Mail Application for iOS

SenseMail is a secure mail client for your favourite e-mail service provider. Secure address book, notes and gallery. Protect every message you send with an individual password or pre-shared key.

There is a CreepyTwo Labs Web site. What is this site for?

SenseMail is a secure mail application. We do not store any user data. However, to enable periodical mail check, we need to send a request to the application telling it it's time to check mail. To do so, we need to keep a device ID that Apple assigns to it. Only Apple can connect that ID to a real device, we have no such information. We update it on every run and delete it after a week of inactivity. Apart from that ID we keep a date of your last visit. Just a date, no time. All we have is that a device with some ID was used to run SenseMail on some date. That's it. Your e-mail service provider has much more data about you.

This site is used for keeping that data and sending request to update mailboxes.

Of course you may disable periodic mail check and no data will be send here.

What is SenseMail?

Message list screen

Have you ever been concerned about online privacy? Would you mind someone reading your mail? If your answer is "Yes" then SenseMail is for you! Protect your communications with this state-of-the-art application. SenseMail is an easy to use, secure e-mail client for your favorite email providers.

SenseMail app for iOS introduces a new level of security in e-mail communications. Every part of your workflow is protected with salted AES-256 encryption with message authentication and other modern industry standart algorithms. Starting with the application launch on your mobile device, storing your private data and preferences and moving on to messages, leaving your device - everything is secure. If you take your messages privacy seriously this app is for you!

SenseMail does a simple thing - it encrypts everything. It never lets any information leave your device unencrypted. It never stores any information unencrypted. It never knows any of your passwords. It uses every available tool to keep your messages secure. No backdoors, no catches. If you forget your password, no one will help you.

If you lost your device you would need to log-in to your e-mail account and change a password or log out of all apps if you use a gmail account. No message data is kept on device. If your launch password was strong enough there's no need to bother - nobody can read your mail. You've got a double password protection!

SenseMail is for you if:

  • You don't want others to snoop on you
  • You need to keep your messages truly confidential
  • You are concerned about privacy
  • Your are as paranoid as we are :)

Use SenseMail if you want:

  • To communicate between top-managers of a remote branch or office. Not every information can be trusted to even a corporate mail.
  • To send confidential documents
  • To send private contacts
  • If you need a meeting in person just to hand over some document or information you can't send other ways. The application has a highest degree of protection.

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